Amanda Knox and Caffè di Perugia

Yesterday night, after the sentence that liberated Amanda Knox form prison, the Caffè di Perugia pastries finished in a few minutes. The cafeteria was so crowded… we couldn’t believe that our place could contain so many people!

A chapter is closed. Satellite dishes and tv trucks will leave. We say goodbye to the dozen of international journalists from all over the world that have eaten, written, drunk… that had a break at Caffè di Perugia under our ancient walls. Hope you can come back only for holydays (no murders, no crimes), to spend quality time in a quality italian restaruant in the heart of Perugia.

We want to thank you for your appreciation of our work and our quality level. And, for that, we want to thank Andrea Sposini, that guided us to reach this high level and Lady Chef Azzurra Nucciarelli and her staff, for the invaluable experience and skills.

If you are still there in the next days, come to try the special menu for the Piedmontese dinner. And if there is still some place to the “Dinner with the author” of friday, october 7, you can meet Andrea Molesini, the Italian literary success of the year that won the Campiello Prize 2011.